Our Story

We are now living in a social media dominated world. To effectively reach your potential customers, what you need is efficient marketing in the digital world and we are here to do this for you!

Founded in 2006, Madcradle online experts of digital and viral marketing, media planning and online advertising. Everyone knows the power of the Internet, but we know how to leverage it and make use of the contagious social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo, to help your business grow in today's world. Based in Asia Pacific and having over 120 professional and experienced marketers, we bring you the best marketing solutions and more-than-professional service to achieve your business goals.

We are also an authorized reseller of Yahoo!, which means we can provide you insightful suggestions on online advertising. In addition to all these, we also have a wide range of services, from media planning, creative advertising and multi-media production to get you more into digital marketing!